Public Transportation Around Bangkok

Destinations and attractions in Bangkok are far apart that taking some form of transportation is inevitable. Here is a guide for how to get around using the city’s public transportation:


Bangkok has multiple forms of public transportation, from traditional taxi to river taxis to skytrains to the country’s iconic tuk tuk. All forms of transportation are affordable for every budget


BTS Skytrain & MRT Subway

The best way to beat traffic is above and below the ground. The BTS Skytrain takes you to major destinations throughout the city, like the most popular malls. The MRT Subway also takes you around the city to more local destinations. Both run from 6am to midnight every day with single journeys costing $1 USD or less.

River Taxi

Another excellent way to avoid traffic is by the river. River taxis along the Chao Phraya River take you to major tourist destinations like Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and Asiatique. Orange boats are available daily and tickets can be purchased at each pier for $1 USD or less. Pay attention to the direction of the boat along the river to make sure you are on the proper boat.


The best way to get around by road in the city is by Grab. It even makes airport transportation affordable and comfortable. Plus, some major destinations like Siam Paragon specifies exactly where the driver will pick you up. It is best to use the app outside of rush hour times (with particularly heavy traffic during the late afternoons and early evenings).

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If you cannot find a Grab, there are taxis as the last resort. Drivers must use the meter by law. Do not get in the taxi if the meter is not running. In general, Thai taxis are notorious for extending the length of the ride by “getting lost”, finding traffic, and simply going in a roundabout way to your final destination.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuks are iconic in Thailand and something you’ll surely be tempted to take. It is best for short distances for the thrill of the ride. There are no meters, so be prepared to bargain (and you’ll likely get scammed and pay more than you really have to). Nonetheless, it is a fun experience zipping through a few blocks with the city air blowing through your hair.

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