Eat Italian at Eataly in Tokyo Station.

Italian cuisine is arguably the most popular international cuisine in Japan. So it is no surprise that the famous Italian gourmet market opened its first international Eataly in Tokyo. Find out all about Eataly in Tokyo Station:


About Eataly

Eataly is Italy’s world renown gourmet market featuring premium Italian cuisine ingredients. The market and food hall first opened in Turin in 2007. A year later it opened in Bologna, and shortly that same year Eataly opened its first international location. No, not in the US or Europe (those opened starting in 2010 and today keeps globally expanding).

The first international Eataly opened in Asia – Tokyo, in fact. In 2008, Eataly debuted in Tokyo’s Daikanyama, a posh little neighborhood for boutique shops and cafes in Shibuya. While that location no longer exists today, you can still find Eataly in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and Marunouchi districts with its largest branch inside Tokyo Station.

About Eataly in Tokyo Station

Eataly first opened in Tokyo Station as a grab-and-go shop. In 2017, it reopened in the newly renovated Marunouchi Central Underground in an impressive 450 square meter space featuring premium Italian products, food stations, and a sit-down restaurant.

Food stations include a delicious cannoli and crepe area (with a drool-worthy chocolate fountain), a gelato and coffee area, a cheese and charcuterie area offering both cuts to take home for your fridge and packages to take to a picnic, and a focaccia station.

You can pick food from the various stations and have a casual bite in the surrounding high tables. If you want a proper sit-down meal, you can feast on pizza, pasta, and more at their restaurant.

Photos of Eataly in Tokyo Station

all about eataly in tokyo station
The entrance of Eataly in JR East Tokyo Station, more specifically in Marunouchi Central Underground. The shop is just around the corner from Baked (those famous cheese tarts) and a Starbucks.


all about eataly in tokyo station
Once you enter Eataly, you will notice all the food stations and premium Italian products. This is a great place for a quick bite from one of the food stations or a leisurely meal in the restaurant.


all about eatatly in tokyo station
Pizza lovers order a pie in the restaurant. From when it first opened in 2017, the pizzas have greatly improved with a delicious chew to the charred crust and the high-quality toppings. Note that at lunch, each main dish comes with a little salad.


all about eataly in tokyo station
Pastas are another must-try at Eataly’s restaurant. You can taste the quality of the pasta itself with the right amount of sauce incorporated into the dish. Because it is Japan, and the culture of Asian eating is to dine family style, you will also be given small plates to share every order.


all about eataly in tokyo station
Before this current store, Eataly in Tokyo Station was actually this compact grab-and-go shop for select Italian products, gelato, and food items for that you can easily eat on the train or take to a picnic.


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Address & Hours

Eataly GranSta Marunouchi
B1F JR East Tokyo Station
1-9-1 Marunouchi
Monday to Saturday, 8am to 11pm (Restaurant 11am to 11pm)
Sunday, 8am to 10pm (Restaurant 11am to 10pm)

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