Hong Kong, One of my favorite cities in the world

Since moving back to Asia in 2010, I frequent Hong Kong at least 5 times a year. Is the city really that enticing? Absolutely. Here are my Top 5 Reasons why I love Hong Kong:

Reason #1: Breathtaking Sights

The beauty of the concrete jungle never gets old and is always a welcoming sight back in to the metropolitan. Massive, modern skyscrapers between the blue Victoria Harbour in the foreground and the lush mountain ranges in the background.

The view of Victoria Harbour from the IFC Building in Central. From both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, the views across Victoria Harbour are equally amazing especially with how the IFC and ICC buildings command each side
The evening view of Victoria Harbour from the Star Ferry Terminal in Kowloon. From day to night, Hong Kong never stops its beauty especially as the lights twinkle with the darkening skies. Don’t miss the 8pm light show every evening from either side of the harbour


Reason 2: Feels like Home

Because of the frequency of my visits to Hong Kong, there is a large sense of familiarity, particularly in Central and in my favorite hotel in the world, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Every return to the hotel feels like a pampered homecoming

Luxurious comforts at “home” at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Room service is an indulgence to occasionally enjoy especially when you are in the need of pampering. With an open view of Hong Kong and Central like this in your room, dining by your window is almost necessary


Reason #3: Outdoor Adventures

If you need a break from the concrete jungle of the city, escapes to the outdoors are just mere steps away in Hong Kong Island and in the outlying islands. You have your choice of hikes and bikes and even beaches and boats.

Dragon’s Back Trail. One of the most popular urban hikes in Hong Kong Island. Watch the video about my hike here. Read more about how to get to the trails and all the necessary information here
Biking around Lantau Island. You can also rent bikes and explore even more of the outlying islands. Via bike you will get to see it all: the city, the greenery, and even over to the beaches. You can bike back to your ending destination or even get on a bus


Reason #4: Family Friendly

Hong Kong is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Asia. The people and the establishment welcome young families to enjoy the city, especially with some of the world’s best amusements parks

Disneyland Hong Kong is one the best things to do with families. The best times to go are during the week day when there are fewer crowds. Wait times for rides are far shorter than in Disneyland Tokyo. You can also consider going to Ocean Park on the other side of Hong Kong


Reason #5: The Food

Hands down, one of the best eating cities in the world. While many well-rated restaurants are merely hype or to be scene in, there are just as many reliable establishments that prove Hong Kong is world-class

Chinese Comfort Food. There is absolute comfort in a bowl of wonton noodle soup or barbecued pork over rice. In Hong Kong, you can easily find delicious quick meals along any street. Far tastier and far healthier than fast food
International Fine Dining. On the other end of the eating spectrum, Hong Kong is also the destination for the some of the finest international dining establishments, like at Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier for exquisite lobster risotto
British Influences. One of the best places outside of Britain to enjoy British-style cuisine, like Tikka or Butter Chicken. The best British Indian cuisine can be found at The Chinnery at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
5 Connaught Road
Hong Kong
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