Travel for Landscapes, Weather, and Food

As the intense heat of the summer simmers down, it is time for fall travel. Here are 5 of the best destinations for the best fall foliage, most pleasant climate, and for autumn cuisine:

5. New England, USA

For the best fall foliage in the U.S., plan a road trip through New England to experience the vast colors of the leaves. Drive through at least one of the states, such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine. Aside from the natural surroundings, don’t miss New England’s quaint small towns full of architecture and tradition.

Fall foliage in New England. Make sure to drive through small towns and even to lakes for gorgeous sights during this time of the year in the eastern parts of the United States. Photo credit Anthony Quintano


4. Douro Valley, Portugal

In general, fall is the best time to visit Europe’s wine regions in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. For one of the most breathtaking views, drive through Portugal’s Douro Valley to witness the sprawling hills. You can even book walking tours or biking tours that combine scenic sights and wine tasting.

Portugal’s Douro Valley with its rolling hills of vineyards featuring some the country’s best grapes and wine harvests. As from driving, walking, and biking, you can even experience boat tours along the river. Photo credit Bethany Ciullo


3. Bangkok & Northern Thailand

Fall travel in Southeast Asia is highly discouraged as it is the height of rainy season. It rains daily and typhoons pass through about once a week or so. However, in Bangkok and Northern Thailand, the rains tend to dissipate towards November making this the ideal time to visit these areas before the December holiday crowds.

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is a must visit for its gorgeous sights, Lanna cuisine, history, and culture. There are domestic and international airlines flying in every day making this one of the most popular destinations in Thailand


2. Piedmont, Italy

Aside from the beauty of the Alps in the background of Northern Italy, Piedmont is a desired fall destinations\ for its food festivals throughout the autumn months featuring truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, and chocolates. And, of course, don’t forget the wine!

From the countryside of Piedmont, Italy, you can admire the Swiss Alps in the background. During autumn months, northern Italy is filled with the colors of the leaves and the fall foliage. Photo credit Alessio Maffeis


1. Japan’s Countryside

For the most breathtaking fall foliage, experience Japan’s countryside. The most obvious destinations in Japan are Kyoto and near Mt. Fuji, especially by the lakes of the mountain. Have your camera ready for every step you take in Japan. Plus, don’t forget to feast on the best of the country’s fall ingredients, like salmon, sweet potato, chestnuts, persimmons, pears, and figs.

Drive to the lakes around Mt. Fuji to capture the gorgeous moments of the fall season. Lake Tanuki on one end and Lake Kawaguchi on the other end are two excellent options for a day trip from Tokyo, or even for an overnighter in a nearby onsen


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