Hong Kong’s Own Theme Park

Long before Hong Kong Disneyland arrived in the city in 2005, Ocean Park Hong Kong already established itself as the theme park destination for locals and tourists. Opened in 1977, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine-life amusement park with aquariums, wildlife, local culture, and thrilling roller coasters. Here are 5 attractions not to miss on your next visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong:

At the end of 2016, Ocean Park MTR Station opened for the easiest access to the theme park encouraging more and more locals and tourists to experience the fun. You can buy tickets online or at the ticketing counters in the entrance. For the shortest wait times, plan to arrive as soon as the park opens


1. Cable Car

There are two sides to Ocean Park Hong Kong: The Summit and The Waterfront. Each side has its share of attractions so you can either use the Cable Car or the Ocean Express train to get to either end.

The #1 highlight of Ocean Park Hong Kong is the Cable Car from The Summit to and from The Waterfront. You take an incredible ride along steep, lush green hills set along the seaside where you can admire some of the biggest homes in Hong Kong as well as the horizon of the endless sea.

Heading to The Summit. If you are terribly afraid of heights, perhaps consider the Ocean Express. If you want to experience this amazing panoramic view, you must take the Cable Car from The Waterfront up to The Summit
Along the way, you can admire the coastal residential and commercial buildings on this side of Hong Kong Island. You will spot boats and yachts as well as long stretches of beaches. On poor weather days, the Cable Car closes for safety
From The Summit back down to The Waterfront, you can admire the expanse of Ocean Park, the new MTR Station, and the development around the theme park. The fresh air through the glass windows is a great opportunity to cool down from the heat of the day


2. Giant Panda Adventure

One of the most special attractions in Ocean Park Hong Kong is the Giant Panda Adventure which is home to some of Asia’s most precious animals including giant pandas and red pandas. The park takes the utmost care of the animals in its own air-conditioned facility with specially-trained trainers as well as enforcing the quiet zone areas for the animals’ comfort.

The giant panda taking a long nap in its home. Massive, cute, and cuddly. Ocean Park is not just a place for fun, it is also a place for kids and adults to learn about wildlife and how we must take care of its inhabitants


3. Old Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong proudly showcases the local culture in Old Hong Kong where you can walk through the streets of Hong Kong’s 1950s to 1970s. You can even taste classic street food snacks from kiosks that look exactly as they did back in the day. It is this pride of culture and history that makes Ocean Park Hong Kong a standout from other theme parks around the world.

Hong Kong’s legendary dai pai dong kiosks replicated and in use at just below the Cable Car at The Waterfront. If you arrive in the early operating hours of the park, they are still closed. You can enjoy this area as an afternoon snack after spending time up in The Summit


4. Thrilling Rollercoasters

As a way to attract more visitors to Ocean Park Hong Kong, thrilling rollercoasters were introduced and continue to bring back fun-loving kids and adults. Most of the rides are located up in The Summit. That’s right – these scream-inducing rides are on the edge of the island right next to the endless sea.


5. Grand Aquarium

Ocean Park Hong Kong focuses on marine-life. So naturally, there is an aquarium at the park where you can admire 5,00 fish from over 400 species. This is also a great place to cool down from the heat of the day.


Insider Tips!

  • –  Arrive early, preferably as soon as the park opens. This way you will beat the crowds arriving later on during the day.
    –  If you go during peak season (holidays and weekends), purchase the FasTrack (details below) which privileges you to a shorter line on popular attractions. This will save you hours of wait time.
    –  You can arrive at Ocean Park by MTR, taxi, bus, or even Uber. From Central to the Ocean Park in an Uber Black, the price will be about $15 each way without traffic for a 20-minute drive.


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Address & Hours

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island
Hours vary according to season and day. Check their website before going.

General Admission ages 12+, $438 HKD ($56 USD)
Children ages 3 to 11, $219 HKD ($28 USD)
Free admission for children under 3
FasTrack Tickets for an additional $250 HKD ($32 USD) for 7 rides/attraction or $350 HKD ($45 USD) for all rides/attractions


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