Logroño, Spain

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Savoring the capital of La Rioja


In the capital of the La Rioja region, it is only natural for the streets to be overflowing with wine and good food.


Logroño, Spain

Logroño is a small town full of charm. It may not be as well-known as San Sebastián, but it is more than worthy as a food destination.

Logroño is a must visit for pintxos enthusiasts. The small town has over 50 taperías located within a four-block radius.


Tapar = To eat tapas

These traditional tapas restaurants mostly only serve one tapa as their specialty.  As opposed to “tapas” which can be a larger quantity, as a “racion”, these restaurants are served as a pintxo – one serving, a “media-racion”. This means, you can eat a variety of bites in several pintxos bars.

The best part about eating in Logroño is that the food is all paired with local Rioja wine.

Start with Calle del Laurel, and then eat and drink your way around the town!

Early start to the pintxos crawl. Adjust your eating clock when in Spain – crowds are scarce when you start the evening early and fill up around 10pm
Starting the night easy with cañas of cerveza and a few tapas. Crawls are epic, so pace yourself with a selection or two in each bar
As the night goes on, the crowds come out. Bars are small so the streets fill up more and more with people eating and drinking
And the eating doesn’t stop. Croquetas, a Spanish tapas classic
Tortillas. Another Spanish tapas bar classic
If a bar is crowded, it’s a good sign. Along Calle del Laurel, Bar Angel is known for it’s sizzling hot champiñones
Champiñones – one of Logroño’s most famous pintxos


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